How Air Conditioning Repair Companies Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow

In today’s day and age if you are a small business and still trying to rely on old methods of advertising like Yellow Pages, Direct mail, TV or radio ads you will slowly die as a business. You must have a digital marketing presence with search engines like Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Simply, put that is where the current state of attention is in today’s world. Everyone is on search engines, social media, their computers and mobile phones. And by having a presence with a mobile friendly website and getting it ranked with the help of an SEO expert or SEO company in Phoenix in the example below you can target the people searched relevant keywords for your Air Conditioning repair business.

For example, currently in the state of Arizona where it’s hot year round if people were to search for “AC repair company in phoenix” or “air conditioning repair Chandler, AZ” ect.. Would your website come up on the first page of Google or would your competitors.

And if people were on Facebook with their friends and they asked for a referral for a trusted HVAC company or contractor would they be able to link to your Facebook page to recommend you while they were on that platform?

See the key and the name of the game is using these platforms where the most attention is to grow your brand. And nowadays people aren’t using the yellow pages, newspapers, direct mail ect.. as much as they use to so you need to take advantage of these digital marketing strategies to help grow your brand or AC company otherwise you will lose it to the competitors that do market in the time we live in and are executing on 2016, 2017 real world strategies.

Also, the key being consistent with your digital and internet marketing budgets year round and adjusting to what the consumers are searching. Since in HVAC and air conditioning industry in the cold weather states like in Philadelphia you might need help with a Philadelphia SEO expert helping you get on the first page of Google for things like “heating repair philly” or “philadelphia heating repair company” ect..

Keep that in mind when planning your digital marketing, SEO, PPC spend on Google with an Agency you choose.

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